Corbin Lewars is a Seattle-based author, developmental editor, writing consultant and instructor with over fifteen years of experience. 

Corbin wrote her first book, The Nosy Puppy, at the age of five. She moved on from construction paper and staples to a typewriter when writing her autobiography, A Week Old to Ten. She has continued on to author Creating a Life, which was nominated for the

Inside A Week Old to Ten
Inside A Week Old to Ten

2011 PNBA and WA State Book Awards, and Losing Him, Gaining You (February, 2014). She is currently working on her novel Swings. Fortunately, she now uses a laptop. 

Her essays have been published in Hip Mama,  A Wild Ride, Stories with Grace Mothering, Midwifery Today and over twenty-five publications and anthologies. She currently writes for the Seattle PI.

After a stint of quitting jobs frequently, moving to over a dozen cities, and traveling throughout Europe and Asia, she finally settled down in the Pacific Northwest in 1994 to begin her career in publishing. She quickly learned that she would need a second job to support herself, so began teaching writing as well (because we all know teachers are millionaires). Working two jobs didn’t keep her busy enough, so she returned to school to earn her Master’s Degree in 1998. Somehow, she was able to complete all of these tasks simultaneously, but has never been as productive since. 

She quit the 9 to 5 world in 2000 in order to follow her dream of making her living through writing and working with writers. She served as the editor of Verve, a Seattle women’s magazine for two years and was the publisher and editor of Reality Mom for eight years. Her current editing clients include UW School of Law, Lesson Ladders publishers in Cambridge, MA, and many emerging and established authors.

She coaches clients face to face in her Ballard office as well as online and over the phone. She teaches memoir, personal essay, and publishing classes at the Richard Hugo House, Field’s End, and at writing conferences.