Just a Little More Time, edited by Corbin Lewars
“…achingly poignant and thoughtful…”—Abigail Carter

Story is a crucial component of navigating the roller coaster that is grief. The beautifully written stories and poems in the Just a Little More Time anthology share tender last moments with loved ones, muse about what happens once we die, and most of all celebrate and delight with tales of love.  The book’s magic is hidden in the smallest details that underlie the universal message: that you can find hope after significant loss. Whether exploring the loss of a cherished forest or beloved wife, the love the authors capture is both fierce and tender. Their stories uplift and inspire the reader to think of loss in a new way—a blessing to have cared so much.

Over fifty  poems and essays are woven together to form an inspiring testament to the importance of being brave in love. Contributions vary from the humorous, to provocative, to poignant. Contributors include Azim Khamisa, author and founder of Tariq Khamisa Foundation, Nyaniso Tutu-Burris activist and granddaughter to Desmond Tutu, and poet Donna Hilbert.

Divorce as Opportunity
The book is a must-read for all those going through this challenging phase... —Readers' Favorite Book Review, 5 star rating
“A must-read for all those going through this challenging phase.”
—Readers’ Favorite Book Review, 5 star rating

Divorce as Opportunity invites you to use your divorce as a time to focus on yourself. The book guides you through parenting plans that will work best for your children, how to co-parent effectively, how to assess your financial and work goals, the benefits of community and hobbies, and once you are ready, how to start dating again. At the forefront of all of this guidance is you—what do you want, what have you given up in the past, and what do you want your future to look like. Because knowing what you want is the biggest step towards ensuring you can have it.

Divorce as Opportunity uses research and personal stories from divorced women to coach readers through this tumultuous time. With humor and encouragement, Divorce as Opportunity assures you that you aren’t alone on this path and you may eventually like where you’re going. Available here.

“Divorce as Opportunity is an absolute treasure chest of pragmatic, experience-won wisdom, wit, and evidence-based guidance. It is the best gift anyone could ever give a person anticipating or going through divorce, as it will not only save them feeling alone, but also from making many mistakes commonly made with the best of intentions.”

—Candace Walsh, editor of Ask Me About My Divorce and former managing editor of Mothering magazine.

Creating a Life

Deformed sperm, a miscarriage, and quitting her job to become an editor only to have that publication become bankrupt were a few hurdles that she crossed along the way. But Corbin not only survives, she thrives, and is able to share her story in a heartfelt and humorous way.

Creating A Life is one of the most exquisite and brave memoirs I have read in years. The message of hope and dedication is universal, reaching women of all ages. I’m humbled by this beautiful, courageous book.—Ann Hite, Feminist Review
“One of the most exquisite and brave memoirs I have read in years.” —Feminist Review

Creating a Life was nominated for the 2011 PNBA and Washington State book award and has received positive reviews in Hip Mama, Feminist Review, Midwifery Today, Brain Child, Reality Check, and other print and online journals.

Creating a Life is available on Kindle, or can be ordered through Indiebound, Powells, Amazon, or your local independent bookstore.

“By bravely—and humorously—sharing her deepest secrets and confronting her biggest fears, Corbin Lewars makes one of the strongest arguments out there that pregnancy and childbirth aren’t simply about biology doing its thing. Becoming a parent is also about figuring out where you’ve been and where you want to be. For anyone who has ever rolled their eyes and asked, ‘Why would anyone give birth at home?’ this memoir will not only give you an answer but have you cheering on the author as she triumphantly brings her baby into the world in a powerful, joyous way.”
—Marisa Cohen, author of Deliver This, and Senior editor at Glamour