For Businesses

Communications/Project Manager

I have twenty years helping small businesses and organizations craft and share their story through marketing material, websites, blogs, press releases, business proposals, and feature articles and books. All businesses have a unique story and message they are trying to convey and my expertise is gleaning that uniqueness and then helping them best craft it.

I was the marketing coordinator at a diversity consulting firm and publishing house for several years helping strategize optimum messaging and outreach for the firm. Other contracts have included managing projects for a venture capitalist, which entailed overseeing over sixty creatives and contractors worldwide. I work collaboratively with teams and vendors and am equally comfortable as the lead or a member of the team. I am great at self managing and have always met or exceeded my deadlines.

Content Writer and Editor

Projects can be as small as a business proposal or blog post or as large as one to two year contracts creating marketing plans and overseeing them. Projects include writing and editing marketing brochures, interviewing employees for feature articles, crafting business proposals, writing feature articles to promote business, crafting press releases, and writing content for websites.


Two long term contracts I had were with UW School of Law as a writer/editor and Lesson Ladder, a publishing house of parenting books where I helped parenting experts best craft and organize their manuscripts. I have created websites and promotional material for a female owned lending institution, numerous schools and learning institutions, AnaOno, a lingerie company for women with breast cancer, venture capitalists, health organizations, political campaigns, and more.


Rates for pieces vary, but the typical website content can be written for $500 and long term contracts are negotiable.

Samples are available upon request. Email me at