Writing Consultant

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I have over twenty years of experience working with writers to help them achieve their goals. Whether that is to create a website for their business, write and publish a manuscript or article, or learn how to improve and strengthen their writing, I can help.

Writing for Work

Many clients want to improve their writing for work. In these mentoring sessions we work together to discern the client’s particular goals and how to achieve them. I help brainstorm how to reach a larger audience, or more specific audience, grow a business into another field, public speaking opportunities and more. Once the goals are determined, I help advise what medium would be most effective in achieving the goal. Tactics range from writing business proposals for expansion to crafting feature articles for more exposure to enhancing newsletters, blogs or websites. I help in the writing, edit the points to be clearer and bolder and advise the client on what their weak areas are and how to improve them. Clients include CEOs, consultants, students applying for college and graduate programs, lawyers, professors, business owners, therapists and many health practitioners.

Writing to be Published

I work with authors every step of the way from inception, to writing, revising, completion, pitching, querying, and publishing. Writers often need feedback and a place to work through their project in the beginning and middle when they get stuck or confused. During our consultations we will work through your issues and hurdles so you can get back to writing.

I help navigate the complicated publishing world by sharing my 20+ years of writing, publishing and marketplace experience and expertise with you. Understanding how to find journals and agents to query is daunting. Actually pitching and querying them is even more complicated (and scary) and nearly impossible to do on your own. I will help you navigate all of the requirements, understand the terms, find the right fit for your writing and help you write and compile the materials needed for the editors and agents.
I work with emerging and established authors. Nonfiction topics I have worked with include leadership, psychology, various health programs, chiropractic, organizational development, memoir, history, spirituality, cultural biographies, World War II, Cultural Revolution, coming of age stories, coming out stories, race, sexuality and religion.

Fiction genres include young adult, women’s fiction, new adult, fable, literary, historical, regional and humor.

Content Writer

I  write book proposals, resumes, articles, websites, blogs, feature articles and occasionally, entire manuscripts for individuals or work very closely with them to help them complete the project. I repeatedly consult the individual to ensure their message is being conveyed in the way they intended. Query letters and resumes start at $200, feature articles at $1000.

IMG_2499 2Rates and Location

If you live in Seattle, I can meet with you in person at my office on North Lake Union, a block east of Adobe.  If you are not local, or prefer to work virtually, consultations can occur via the telephone, Skype, or email. My rate is $125/hour for consultations and I accept checks, PayPal or credit cards.