A million thanks for handling this text so delicately and respectfully.— Toti O’Brien

I have twenty years of experience working with writers to help them achieve their goals. My expertise is helping clients identify the story within the story and their purpose in writing. After editing and helping shape the manuscript, I help writers find independent publishers, seek traditional publishing options, or self-publish their book.

Manifest by Courtney Putnam

My developmental edits include evaluating and assessing the consistency and development of the characters; the effectiveness and flow of dialog; assessing the plot arc, flow, twists, pace, and use of suspense; enhancing the theme, and evaluating and improving the overall impact and effectiveness of the book. I make suggestions on where these areas need improvements and suggest how to do so as well as point out strengths in the manuscript.

I line edit the manuscript and make comments, changes, and suggestions tracked in Word. I also write an overall assessment (usually two pages long) of what worked well in the manuscript, what I changed and why, suggestions on how to move forward, and what I see as your next steps for revising.

My clients write and publish memoirs, parenting guides, educational materials, contemporary novels, coming of age stories, coming out stories, suspense, personal essays, short stories, spiritual guides, historical fiction, and more. I also work with companies such as Lesson Ladder Publishing, UW School of Law, and various schools and civic organizations. I am a member of the Northwest Independent Editor’s Guild.

My rate is $85/hour for edits of manuscripts (any work over 20,000 words) and $100/hour for short individual pieces. The average price for a manuscript edit (50,000 words) is about $1700. Price is determined by size and quality of the manuscript. Please contact me at corbin@corbinlewars.com to learn more. Or read this interview for more information.


In addition to being a wickedly skilled editor, Corbin taught me how to organize and structure my manuscript so that it flowed from begging to end. She spent time up front getting to know my story and why I was passionate about writing it and used this knowledge to help explain why she made the changes she made. She was a delight to work with.

—Kristin Jarvis Adams, author of THE CHICKEN WHO SAVED US: The Remarkable Story of Andrew and Frightful.