Developmental Edits

My expertise is helping clients identify the story within the story and guiding them on how to strengthen that story. My edits help writers gain clarity and confidence in their writing. I use my twenty years of experience as a teacher to teach you what you are doing well and what needs work.

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For manuscripts, my edits assess the consistency and development of the characters; the effectiveness and flow of dialog; evaluating and enhancing the plot arc, flow, twists, pace, and use of suspense; enhancing the theme, and evaluating and improving the overall impact and effectiveness of the book. Themes are crucial and often misunderstood, so identifying them and following them through completely is my specialty. I make suggestions on where these areas need improvements and suggest how to do so (or do it for you) as well as point out strengths in the manuscript.

I line edit the manuscript and make comments, changes, and suggestions tracked in Word. I also write an overall assessment (usually two pages long) of what worked well in the manuscript, what I changed and why, suggestions on how to move forward, and what I see as your next steps for revising. My edits and comments offer you clear directions and guidance on how to strengthen your manuscript and get it in the best shape it can be for publication.

Smaller pieces include feature articles, blogs, essays, novellas, resumes, business proposals and anything under 40,000 words. I follow the same process with these items, often including my marketing background to include reaching a larger or deeper audience, if that is called for.

Rates and Location

Office on Lake Union

Before I edit your work, it is often helpful to meet for an hour first to discuss the project, timeline and goals. If you live in Seattle, I can meet with you in person at my office in the Fremont neighborhood on North Lake Union. If you are not local, or prefer to work virtually, consultations can occur via the telephone, Skype, or emai

My rate is $125/ hour for consultations and editing pieces under 30,000 words. I lower my editing fee to $100/hour for full length manuscripts. An average manuscript (50,000 words) usually ends up costing about $2900 for a full mark-up, edit and write up outlining next steps. A deposit of $500 is needed at our first session and is used towards the overall fee. I accept checks, PayPal and credit cards. Sliding fee scale available.

Email me to set up your first appointment or this interview for more information.

I am very happy with how you are working. It flows better and you cut out some of the extraneous asides or over-documentation. Joseph and I deeply appreciate your work.

—David R. Kopacz, M.D. at Puget Sound VA and author of Becoming Medicine and Walking the Medicine Wheel: Healing Trauma and PTSD with Joseph Rael