For Individuals

Writing Consultant

My expertise is helping clients identify the story within the story and guiding them on how to broadcast that story. My consultations help writers gain clarity and confidence in their writing. Writing is hard, but I will remind you of the benefits of writing and what your intrinsic motivators are to do so.

I have twenty years of experience working with writers to help them achieve their goals whether that is to create a website for their business, write and publish a manuscript or article, or learn how to improve and strengthen their writing. My clients include CEOs, students applying for college and private schools, established authors, lawyers, professors, prisoners, and many health practitioners. During our consultations we will map out a plan on how to reach your writing and publishing goals and I will share my 20+ years of writing, publishing and marketplace experience and expertise with you.

Content Writer

I help individuals write proposals, resumes, articles, websites, and occasionally, entire manuscripts. I work closely with the individual to ensure their message is being conveyed in the way they intended.

My office in Seattle

Developmental Edits

My developmental edits include line edits, a meta document with feedback on the writer’s strengths and weaknesses and how to improve the weak areas.

For manuscripts, my edits assess the consistency and development of the characters; the effectiveness and flow of dialog; evaluating and enhancing the plot arc, flow, twists, pace, and use of suspense; enhancing the theme, and evaluating and improving the overall impact and effectiveness of the book. I make suggestions on where these areas need improvements and suggest how to do so as well as point out strengths in the manuscript.

I line edit the manuscript and make comments, changes, and suggestions tracked in Word. I also write an overall assessment (usually two pages long) of what worked well in the manuscript, what I changed and why, suggestions on how to move forward, and what I see as your next steps for revising.

Rates and Location

If you live in Seattle, I can meet with you in person at my office in the Centerpeace Healing Arts in Ballard. If you are not local, or prefer to work virtually, consultations can occur via the telephone, Skype, or email. My rate is $110/hour (siding fee available) for consultations and for editing and writing services. If it is a full length manuscript or larger project, I drop my fee to $85/hour. An average manuscript (50,000 words) usually ends up costing about $1700 for a full mark-up and edit.

Email me to set up your first appointment or this interview for more information.

Recent Specials

The Kick in the Butt Package, $490 (normally $660 and up)

In this month long package you will receive two one hour coaching/consulting sessions with Corbin, either remotely or in person at her office in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, and a developmental edit of your first 20-30 pages (double spaced) or a similar sampling of pages. The work and sessions must be completed within a month time period, hence the “kick in the butt” part of this offer. The first session can be to map out the project and have questions answered and the second can be to go over the edits. Or both sessions can be pep talks and/or strategizing on where to submit the pieces, or we can address whatever writing/publishing help you need. Procrastinators this is for you! (so stop procrastinating and email me!)

The “What am I doing?” package, $220

In this package you receive three one hour coaching/consulting sessions for the price of two. Sessions can be used to best map out your project, write query letters and make a plan of who to send them to, work through writing blocks or writer malaise, discuss hurdles of a project, receive feedback on projects, or any other writing/publishing advice that is needed. Sessions can be held over the phone, Skype, or in person at her office in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.