Inside “A Week Old to Ten”

At the age of ten, Corbin wrote her memoir, A Week Old to Ten and has been in love with personal narrative ever since. She continued on to author four other titles, eventually replacing her typewriter and Elmer’s glue with a laptop and publishers.

In between traveling and living abroad in every region of the United States, she earned a BA in multicultural literature and her Master’s thesis focused on the power of narrative, weaving in narrative therapy and Howard Gardener’s multiple intelligence theory. She eventually settled in the Pacific Northwest  and  was the junior editor at a diversity consulting firm and publishing house and was the editor of Verve, a magazine for entrepreneurial women wanting to make a difference (and money) with their businesses. Rather than a red pen editor, she realized she was a midwife of stories and began working with individuals and organizations helping them craft and share their stories with the world.

Her primary focus is partnering with emerging and established writers and she has helped hundreds of writers achieve their publishing goals. She is unique in working with writers for the duration of their project and in her ability and willingness to work with them at any, and every, step of the way of the process.  She also freelances with organizations such as UW School of Law as a writer/editor and was an editor at Lesson Ladder, a publishing house of parenting books. She has created websites and “who are we” materials for a female owned lending institution, numerous schools and learning institutions, a lingerie company for women with breast cancer, venture capitalists, health organizations, political campaigns, and more. 

She is the author of PNBA and WA state Book Award nominee Creating a Life (Catalyst Book Press) as well as three other titles. Her essays have been published in over twenty five publications including Hip Mama, Seattle PI, Stories with Grace, Mothering, Midwifery Today, Parent Map, and several anthologies about the writing process. She has taught writing for over twenty years at colleges, writing conferences and the Richard Hugo House in Seattle and has been a frequent key note speaker at writing venues such as Write on the Sound, Whidbey Writers Conference, Write in the Harbor Conference, and Field’s End. IMG_0719

She splits her time editing, writing snd parenting in Seattle and hiking, reading and relaxing at her cabin by a river.