Inside “A Week Old to Ten”

At the age of ten, Corbin wrote her memoir, A Week Old to Ten and has been in love with personal narrative ever since. She continued on to author four other titles, eventually replacing her typewriter and Elmer’s glue with a laptop and publishers.

In 2000 she became the editor of Verve, a magazine for entrepreneurial women wanting to make a difference (and money) with their businesses. Rather than a red pen editor, she realized she was a midwife of stories and began working with individuals and organizations helping them craft and share their stories with the world.

She has helped hundreds of writers achieve their publishing goals and has created websites, brochures, press releases, business proposals and feature articles for dozens of businesses. She also works with teens helping them with organization, brainstorming, and other writing skills needed for school assignments or college essays. She has been trained in the Wired for Reading technique for working with students with dyslexia.

She is the author of PNBA and WA state Book Award nominee Creating a Life (Catalyst Book Press) as well as three other titles. Her essays have been published in over twenty five publications including Hip Mama, Seattle PI, Stories with Grace, Mothering, Midwifery Today, Parent Map, and several anthologies about the writing process.

She earned a BA in multicultural literature and her Master’s thesis focused on the power of narrative, weaving in narrative therapy and Howard Gardener’s multiple intelligence theory. She has taught writing for over twenty years at colleges, writing conferences and the Richard Hugo House in Seattle. She has been a frequent key note speaker at writing venues such as Write on the Sound, Whidbey Writers Conference, Write in the Harbor Conference, and Field’s End.