I work with authors every step of the way from inception, to writing, revising, completion, pitching, querying, and publishing. In doing so I am a writing coach, consultant, content writer, line editor, and developmental editor all in one (but you only have to pay me one fee!) Writers often need feedback and a place to talk about their project in the beginning when they are fleshing it out and in the middle when they get stuck or confused. During our consultations we will work through your issues and hurdles so you can get back to writing. 

Developmental edits

When it is time to edit your work, I use my twenty years of experience as a teacher to teach you what you are doing well and what needs work. My expertise is helping clients identify the story within the story and guiding them on how to strengthen that story. My edits include substantial line edits, a full mark up of your manuscript, a meta doc explaining what I did and why, and what you need to do to get the manuscript in its best shape. Many developmental editors only provide an overview of the changes that need to be made, I actually make those changes for you or show you where and how to make them. A clear and concise guide on how to move forward is provided and clients say they feel reinvigorated after working with me. I proofread as I go along as well, but always recommend another set of eyes on your last version.

My edits assess the consistency and development of the characters; the effectiveness and flow of dialog; evaluate and enhance the plot arc, flow, twists, pace, and use of suspense; enhance the theme, and evaluate and improve the overall impact and effectiveness of the book. Themes are crucial and often misunderstood, so identifying them and following them through completely is my specialty. My superpower is understanding my clients and the story they want to write, even when they don’t know what that is.

An average nonfiction manuscript (50,000 words) usually ends up costing about $3000 for a full mark-up with corrections and a write up outlining next steps. Fiction work is usually about $2700 for 50,000 words.

A read through of same size manuscript (50,000 words) with accompanying meta doc explaining what needs to be worked on, comments through out the manuscript, and light developmental edits, starts at $1500.

A sliding fee scale is available to meet everyone’s budget.

I cannot thank you enough for your deep and thorough review of the manuscript. I am really impressed. You have great comments, suggestions and questions. They make the manuscript clearer, more streamlined and more cohesive. I am really enjoying this.

JJ Juhaeri, Juhaeri, author of Statistics of Dreams and VP and Head, Epidemiology and Benefit-Risk at Sanofi 

writing coach

Every writer at some point struggles with staying motivated, wondering if his/her work is any good, or needs someone to bounce ideas off of and help them work out areas where they are stuck. I utilize my twenty years of industry knowledge and expertise and first hand experience of being a published author and am honest about the realities of the publishing world in my feedback.

I also help writers improve their writing for work or creatively. Through one on one mentoring and coaching I show you where your strengths are and where your weaknesses are and how to make your writing more effective. Coaching fees are $120/hour

platform messaging/Pitching

Before pitching agents and publishers it is important to build a platform and be clear on your messaging. I help clients write content for their website and social media and guide them in how they and their book is unique. Understanding how to find journals and agents to query is daunting. Actually pitching and querying them is even more complicated (and scary) and nearly impossible to do on your own. It often begins with a query, pitch, or book proposal. I can write, or help you write, your query letter, synopsis, and book proposal and help you determine where to send them. These services start at $500.

Nonfiction topics I have worked with include environmental conservation, leadership, psychology, various health programs, chiropractic services, organizational development, memoir, history, spirituality, cultural biographies, World War II, Cultural Revolution, coming of age stories, coming out stories, race, sexuality and religion.

Fiction genres include young adult, women’s fiction, suspense, new adult, fable, literary, historical, regional, and humor.

Process and Location

If you live in Seattle, I can meet with you in person at my office in the Fremont neighborhood on North Lake Union. If you are not local, or prefer to work virtually, consultations can occur via the telephone, Skype, Zoom, Teams, or email.

If working on a full manuscript, a deposit of $500 is needed at our first session and is used towards the overall fee. I accept checks, PayPal, Venmo, and credit cards.

I offer a sliding fee scale for those in need.

Email me to set up your first appointment.

Thank You Corbin. I went through your notes and am happy with all of your suggestions. It was a wonderful journey working with you on this book. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I look forward to my next book with you.

Raj Persaud, author of Living with Purpose: Pt Sirju’s Spirited Journey