I am reading the manuscript and love how you rewrote it and how it flows. I agree with your summary document 100% and can’t wait to start making the edits you recommend.

Benjamin Risha, author of Son of Seven Mothers

Another great point!  I felt something was missing, but did not know what.  You gave me the answer. Thank you very, very much for your corrections and comments.  What a thorough job you have done. Your encouragement really helps me.  I believe my writing so far has not made you wonder why this guy wants […]

Best, Kent Wong, author of Swimming to Freedom

Corbin—I just want to say THANK YOU for all your excellent work and guidance on Tara’s book. You truly transformed it and brought it to a whole new level. I totally agree with everything you have said and wanted to express my deep appreciation and gratitude. Keep up the amazing work!

Beth Kaufman, Managing Editor of Lesson Ladder

Thank you for an enlivening and delightful session yesterday. All the “regulars” who attended came up to me with big eyes and said THIS WAS GREAT!  “I’m so glad,” I answered, “What was great about it for you?”  “Just everything.” Seriously, I had that conversation many times. To capture the attention of seasoned writers as […]

Beth, workshop convener

Thank you, Corbin, for all your help with my writing over the years. I crafted my Modern Love essay in your class, and you’ve helped me with every step since then — submitting essays for publication, planning and writing a memoir, and navigating the crazy world of publishing. I can’t thank you enough for your […]

Betsy MacWhinney, Author of The Perfect Rock and Modern Love Essay “Bringing a Daughter Back from the Brink with Poems”

Wow Corbin! This is way more than I could have asked. I read through a couple of chapters of your edits/thoughts. Such great questions and ideas. Thank you for keeping on me! I am so thankful for you, and that you are in my camp.

Blue Andrews, Author and Blogger

I needed someone else to look at all these jumbled pages and sort it out for me. THANK YOU. I feel good about it now and you helped me get on the right track. Thanks again for getting me through my own road blocks!

Bonnie Froman, owner of Oakwilde Records

Hi, Corbin –I’m excited to report that an abridged version of  “Low-Rise North,” Chapter 8 of RAINBOW CATCHER, has been published in INTERCONNECTEDNESS, the 2022 Whatcom WRITES Anthology.  Your insightful reading vastly improved my manuscript!  Gratefully, Brooks 

Brooks Kolb

Corbin, I am in awe of how you were able to portray some of my thoughts that I had not noted yet. Yeah! I am trying to pace myself. I added a couple of good things you suggested. I will continue to complete your requests and suggestion throughout the next few days. Thank you again! […]

Carolyn, novelist

Excellent, engaging valuable class, thank you. It was well organized, managed and facilitated. You inspired ideas for me that led to real results and progress by the end. I left with a ton of ideas generated and feeling as if I already have made progress on my writing.

Chris, Consultant

This is very impressive. You’ve managed this project and the people like a CEO. Thank you for taking us to the finish line.

Dane Chapin, DCV

I am very happy with how you are working. It flows better and you cut out some of the extraneous asides or over-documentation. Joseph and I deeply appreciate your work.

David R. Kopacz, M.D. at Puget Sound VA and author of “Becoming Medicine and Walking the Medicine Wheel: Healing Trauma and PTSD with Joseph Rael”

I just wanted to take a quick moment to express my gratitude to you for making my very first EVER writing class/experience such a wonderful one. Your kindness and graciousness made me feel instantly at ease. In addition, your encouragement has spurred me to try harder and take more classes and actually do some more […]

Denise, WOTS Personal Essay class participant

Thank God for talented editors. Your version is MUCH better. Please make the changes you’ve suggested. They are perfect. Whoever said writing was re-writing was dead on. Thank you so very muchWith gratitude and admiration,

Emilie Winthrop, executive editor of SD Decor and Style Magazine

As usual, meeting with you is exactly what I needed. I’m starting to realize that yes, I am a decent writer and yes, I am a decent line editor. What I don’t know about is structuring a novel. You, thank God, do know how to structure a novel and for that I am unspeakably grateful.I’m […]

George Kingson, journalist, novelist

Thanks so much Corbin. I really appreciate your thoughts. I feel like I’m getting my manuscript where I want it to be. It is a process. I want to make it the best it can be and feel as if I am doing with the help of your advice and support. You are awesome. It […]

Ina Zajac, author of Please, Pretty Lights

As Thanksgiving 2021 rolls around one big thing I am grateful for is that I took your advice and kept writing all this year. You were one of the first people to accept my work for publication and I wanted to reach out and let you know how much your encouragement meant. I have written […]

Jane M.

I am very excited to share with you that Kelsay Books will be publishing my first poetry chapbook, titled, “All the bad Girls Wear Russian Accents,” this January 2023! It includes the poem you first published in Detour Ahead – “Sustenance.” Thank you for being one of the first editors to accept my work and for […]

Jane muschenetz

This was really fun and I learned so much. For what it’s worth, you are an outstanding coach. In addition to obviously being a fantastic writer and editor, you are a great listener and provide insightful feedback. I was blown away by how quickly / seamlessly you were able to understand my viewpoint and provide […]

Jenn Christison, Improvement strategist and author of How Matters

Corbin, I want you to know how good it feels to be working with you. I am so grateful that you ‘get it’ about what I am doing. I love the way the stories are shaping up and I know it won’t be long before I am asking for your help in the publishing part […]

Judith Laxer, minister, therapist, and author of Along the Wheel of Time

I read through some of your edits last night and I’m excited about some back story and plot points that I came up with just from reading your notes. You really do know your stuff. I’m going to name my sister’s next kid after you in appreciation 🙂

Julie Chase, Author of Broken

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I have taken a lot of writing classes and had a lot of writing teachers, but none have ever been as inspiring and encouraging as you are. You know, fear and lack of confidence is universal, and I struggle with it a lot, but working with […]

Lisa, Project Manager

I’ve only scanned the first few chapters, but your suggestions are DEAD ON! Love, love, LOVE your ideas/suggestions! You have been so fabulous to work with and I appreciate your feedback, comments, and honesty so much. I’m making lots of progress on the manuscript and I’m LOVING your suggestions. Thank you again for everything you’ve […]

Marni Mann, Author of Seductive Shadows

I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your lessons and encouragement. Your class was an inspiration.

Mary Kay, Hugo House student

You’re totally spot-on with the edits. The notes are great! I’m thinking I get the gist of what’s missing and how I need to “tell the reader more.” You’ve done a fantastic job with thorough, thoughtful, critical yet supportive feedback. It didn’t hurt one bit. I know it’s got a ways to go, but that’s […]

Michael Blankenburg, Author of A Long Haired Handsome Jesus

I am learning so much through this process and can’t thank you enough. Spun quickly through your edits on the first part and once again congratulated myself on my brilliant choice of editor. Your suggestion that perhaps her parents’ ‘storybook’ meeting and engagement might set the bar too high and that’s part of why she’s reticent […]

Michael McDermott, Author of The Patent Desk

I appreciate the time and energy you gave to help me with my application and I feel a million times more confident about turning it in now. It was an extremely rewarding experience to work with you and I’ll stay in touch! Thank you,

Minna, Poet and Musician

Just a quick note to thank you again for a great class on Saturday. I gained more from a single, day-long class with you than I did doing a 6-week course. I very much appreciated your effort in including everyone in discussions and addressing specific challenging points with specific class members’ writings. Impressive. Something I […]

Putsata, journalist

Thank You Corbin. I went through your notes and am happy with all of your suggestions. It was a wonderful journey working with you on this book. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I look forward to my next book with you.

Raj Persaud, author of Living with Purpose: Pt Sirju’s Spirited Journey

Thanks for your excellent advise Corbin. You’ve only helped me with two of my articles for my work blog, but I’ve learned much from you already. I struggled with organization in this article and couldn’t figure out how to improve the flow. You did that brilliantly.

Sandra M. Christensen, MSN, ARNP, FOMA

Corbin—I love your edits. I can’t wait to get started making these changes. You bring up amazing points. I  am so excited to dive deep into the book again and look through all your detailed edits to make this book shine!! Thank you! Thank you!

Sarah Davis, Author of Making Kid Time Count

I wanted to thank you for encouraging me to submit to PNWA’s literary contest. With your help I’ve been selected as a finalist under the category of Adult Short Topic for my piece “Moving Away!”Again, a big thanks!

Star Roberts, Writer

Hello Corbin, I am filled with joy about the application of Corbin Lewars’ stellar writing machine. Yes, I am seeing Corbin from way down here on planet Earth. It is official. You are a star! Reading the way you trim and shape LIM makes me want to go on. Your guiding light makes me less […]

Tod Hall

Hi Corbin, I so appreciate you. Thanks for the great sessions, writing support and inspiration. You have a gift of being able to see me and my path, even when it becomes muddy for me. I’m really glad to have you on my team.

Valerie Black, Founder, Chief Visionary Officer, The Change Agency, LLC

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