I can’t thank you enough for your intuitive, talented, practical guidance.—Betsy MacWhinney, Author of The Perfect Rock and Modern Love Essay “Bringing a Daughter Back from the Brink with Poems”

My consultations will help you gain clarity and confidence in your writing. Writing is hard, but my consultations will remind you of the benefits of writing and what your intrinsic motivators are to do so. My specialty is helping writers gain clarity on what their book is about and why they are writing it. I help them through the entire writing process, which often entails not writing, but rather thinking about their manuscript.

I have extensive knowledge and experience helping clients reach their goals whether that be to enter a literary contest, research publications for their essays, pitch their manuscript at a conference, or gain clarity on their project. I am a published author with over twenty years experience in writing.


My clients vary from lawyers, to students, to published writers. Although I have worked with best-selling authors and CEOs of companies, one of the clients I am most proud of is an 18-year-old boy who was diagnosed with dysgraphia. He struggled with writing all of his life, but while working with me, writing became rewarding and exhilarating rather than cumbersome. He left our first session claiming he was going to be a novelist, and I am sure he will.

My office in Seattle
My office in Seattle

My clients work in a variety of genres including memoir, historical fiction, spiritual books, young adult novels, commercial and literary fiction, books for higher education, parenting books, and a variety of how-to books. The topic of the books range from coming out stories, to witchcraft, to addiction. Some clients are refining their manuscripts in hopes of finding an agent or editor, others are looking to build their writer platform, and others are writing for themselves or family members.

The main criteria I use when determining if I will work with an individual is making sure I support the story they are trying to tell and their values around writing. I work with clients who are writing books with positive messages or who are themselves gaining insight, pride, or healing through the writing process. If your book is not benefiting you or the reader, I may not be able to work with you.  I believe writing is a process that is best supported when the motivation is intrinsic and when we only seek outside accolades for our writing, the process is less rewarding, if not frustrating, and we lose sight of the benefits of writing.


I have been working with other writers for over twenty years. I teach memoir, publishing, and personal essay classes through The Richard Hugo House, Whidbey Island Writers Association, Writers on the Sound, colleges and universities, and conferences. I was the editor of Verve (a Seattle-based publication for women), an anthology of parent writers, and the zine Reality Mom for eight years.

Rates and Location

If you live in Seattle, I can meet with you in person at my office in the Centerpeace Healing Arts in Ballard. If you are not local, or prefer to work virtually, consultations can occur via the telephone, Skype, or email. My rate is $120/hour (siding fee available for those in need). Email me to set up your first appointment or click here for more information.

“It is without hesitation, that I can tell you that your early response and support of this book was instrumental to my ability to finish it.  I appreciate all your kind words and your support of this project.”

—Marianne Lile, author of Stepmother