Corbin Lewars, M.Ed. is a Seattle-based writing consultant, developmental editor, teacher, and author with over twenty years of experience helping individuals and organizations with their writing goals. Her clients have earned PEN Awards, Nancy Pearl Awards, PNBA nominations, been finalist for the Washington State Book Award and USA Best Book Award and been published in NY Times, LA Times, The Sun as well as countless of other literary journals. She helps clients option and covert their manuscripts for screenplays and films as well as walk them through the process of signing and navigating contracts with agents and publishers. She works with writers every step of the way from inception to setting up their book launch (and being in the front row and the loudest clapper while there).

She has been called a midwife of stories, forensic editor, master at Rubik’s cubing manuscripts,  work wife, relentless, a mind reader, sometimes brutally honest and a host of other adjectives describing how she partners, understands and advocates for her clients and their work.  As a published author, she realizes the solitary nature of writing and emphasizes that there is no wrong time to reach out for writing help. Whether it be for help with an outline, full developmental edit or merely, “Where do I go from here?” consultation, she can help motivate and reignite your vision and enthusiasm for your project. 

She wholeheartedly believes writing and sharing our stories helps individuals and the community at large by connecting and witnessing one another. She has offered writing circles in homeless shelters, one room school houses, after school programs for at-risk youth, on reservations, in libraries, as Moth style free story events and most recently launched the platform Detour Ahead as a way for artists and writers to connect and express themselves during the pandemic. She teaches at writing conferences, universities and at the Richard Hugo House and is a sought out keynote speaker who has been invited as a TEDx speaker. 

You can reach her at corbin@corbinlewars.com or 206/327-4639. She works virtually with clients or face-to-face in her office on North Lake Union in Seattle.